Sharing the journeys of people who were shocked by a DNA discovery, mostly through modern DNA testing.


Imagine spitting into a tube, sending off your DNA, and unknowingly turning your life upside down. For thousands of people around the world, this is our reality. This podcast shares the journeys of people who were shocked by a DNA discovery, mostly through modern DNA testing. We’re telling the stories of NPEs, adoptees, and donor-conceived people and their families.


In July of 2021, Alexis Hourselt received her Ancestry DNA kit results. To her shock, she discovered that the man she’d called “Dad” for 35 years was not her biological father. She’d unknowingly joined a community of NPEs, people who have experienced non-paternal events or learned their biological parents were “not parent expected.”

Alexis also learned through her DNA testing kit results that she is not a biracial Mexican woman, as she’d believed, but African American. These two discoveries caused a complete upheaval of her identity. 

Alexis created DNA Surprises to provide a space for NPEs, DCPs, and adoptees (and their families) to find comfort in the stories of those who are on similar journeys. She also aims to raise awareness of DNA surprises and ultimately create more openness and honesty around parentage.

DNA Surprises Podcast Host

Have you recently experienced a DNA Surprise? Not sure where to start? Click here for additional NPE, LDA, and DCP resources.

And remember, you’re not alone!

The DNA Surprise Retreat, brought to you by DNA Surprise Network and DNA Surprises Podcast, is for NPEs, DCPs, and adoptees experiencing the grief and shock that can only be felt following a DNA discovery. 

Join us for four special days in Tucson, AZ. You will find community with people who have similar experiences, learn skills to cope with a DNA surprise, and most importantly, discover how to step into your power and heal.

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When I started DNA Surprises in 2022, I just wanted to connect with people like me and help others feel less alone. Since then, we’ve created an amazing community of people who understand the shock of uncovering family secrets after taking a DNA test.

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