Guy’s DNA Surprise

Not every DNA surprise is filled with trauma and upset. In this week’s episode, Guy joins me for a delightful conversation about his NPE discovery. He discusses why he always felt like he didn’t fit in and the other reasons he attributed to his outsider status in his family. He shares why he feels vindicated and relieved to learn that he is an NPE and how he’s tackling his case like a detective.

Hayley’s DNA Surprise

One of the most interesting things about the DNA surprise community is how much intersection there is between adoptees, donor-conceived people, and NPEs. In this week’s episode, Hayley, who was one of the first people conceived through IVF in the UK, shares her NPE story. While she knew from a young age that she was conceived through IVF, it wasn’t until she was in her 30s that she learned her raised father is not her genetic parent. As a DCP, Hayley has a unique perspective as she embarked on her own parenting journey with her wife. She shares how being donor-conceived affects how she discusses the topic with her twins and what regulations are and should be in place for DCPs worldwide.

Annie’s DNA Surprise

Have you ever wondered about the first NPEs who found out through commercial DNA tests? In this week’s episode, Annie shares how she began her journey a decade ago. She shares how she figured out who her father is and how she has made connections with her found family. She also offers her perspective on her mother’s choice.

Dori’s DNA Surprise

NPEs, DCPs, and adoptees aren’t the only people who experience DNA Surprises. Found family has them, too. This week, Dori shared her surprise at being contacted by a sibling she never knew existed. Dori also shares her experience growing up with family secrets, especially her life being raised by a lesbian couple.  I’m excited to release this episode during Pride month because it demonstrates how far we’ve come in destigmatizing LGBTQI families. I look forward to the day when we see families for what they are – families, each with as much nuance as anyone else’s.

Michael Paul’s DNA Surprise

Michael Paul always felt different from his family. He was treated differently than his two younger brothers and went through multiple periods of estrangement from his raised parents. In this week’s episode, he shares how he finally learned the truth through a consumer DNA testing kit. He tells us how he connected with his biological dad and why he made the difficult decision to ultimately go no contact with his raised family.