Founder + Host

In July 2021, Alexis Hourselt received her Ancestry DNA kit results. To her shock, she discovered that the man she’d called “Dad” for 35 years was not her biological father. 

She’d unknowingly joined a community of NPEs, people who have experienced non-paternal events or learned their biological parents were “not parent expected.” 

Alexis also learned through her DNA test results that she is not a multi-ethnic Mexican woman, as she’d believed, but African American. These two discoveries caused a complete upheaval of her identity. 

Alexis created the DNA Surprises™ podcast to provide a space for NPEs, donor-conceived people, and adoptees (and their families) to find comfort in the stories of those who are on similar journeys. She also aims to raise awareness of DNA surprises and ultimately create more openness and honesty around parentage. 

Since her discovery, Alexis has become a prominent voice in the DNA surprise community, advocating for truth, transparency, and healing.

Unravel the astonishing journeys that begin with a simple DNA test.

It’s estimated that 5 percent of the population has misattributed parentage.



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